Anatomically shaped anaesthesia face mask


Soft and comfortable material

Latex free

The Bi-Mask is a face mask made of silicone with integrated plastic shell. This supports a comfortable grip, as the mask is malleable and yet provides stability without collapse. Due to the anatomical shape, the Bi-Mask provides an airtight seal with minimum pressure and the ergonomical design allows an optimised grip via C-grip. The Bi-Mask is available in 5 sizes and processable up to 100 times (autoclavable at 134°C).


Mask body

Allows visibility for patient observation.

Internal plastic shell

  • Provides stability without collapse
  • Colour coding facilitates size selection
  • Supports a comfortable grip due to its malleability

Soft silicone rim

Seals to a variety of face shapes.

22 mm I.D. connection

For resuscitator bag or breathing system.

UDI-Code and serial number

Product traceability and tracking of product usage.

Hook Ring

Allows fixation of the mask in combination with a fixation tape.


The Bi-Mask is available in 5 sizes.

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Airway Management
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