Cuff Pressure Gauges

Help reduce the risk of pressure necrosis and mucosal ischemia

Cuff pressure gauges have been established as a standard device in many clinical institutions. More and more societies of anaesthesiology and intensive care throughout the world are endorsing the systematic control of cuff pressure in the recommendation of their guidelines. Ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is the leading nosocomial cause of mortality in the Intensive Care Unit and has significant impact on hospital costs and length of stay. A leading cause of VAP is micro-aspiration of potentially infectious secretions through microchannels formed from infolding of redundant cuff material after inflation. Cuff pressure management can contribute to reduce tracheal ischemia and subsequent complications. Availability of the device and precision of the measurement are fundamental to the success of treatments.


Cuff Manometer

Analogue Cuff Pressure Gauges
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Cuff Controller

Automatic Cuff Pressure Gauge
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