Pressure Infusion

Cuffs and Automatic Pressure Infusor for rapid pressure infusion and irrigation purposes

Thanks to a large choice of options, the VBM pressure infusion cuffs cover all requirements for a safe management of fluid infusions or irrigations. Available as reusable and single-use versions, all VBM options incorporate a high quality design of cuffs with durable materials and reliable pressure control mechanisms. The different configurations will fulfil the expectation of use in the OR, ICU, EMS and outdoor emergency. The special water-repellent material of the reusable systems makes it easy to clean or disinfect and contributes to reduce the risk of cross contamination. A large choice of pressure control versions gives the user the possibility to set up their priority for precision of measurement and cost effectiveness.


Pressure Infusion Cuff


Dispo Infusor

Pressure Infusor 100 & 200


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