OEM Service

Customized Manufacturing

At VBM we are dedicated to providing the best quality and service for our customers. We offer a comprehensive service that incorporates our manufacturing, technical documentation, and regulatory expertise to deliver a customized product to our customers.

Why choose VBM as your partner for OEM products?

Manufacturing Service

We work with our customers on new ideas and the next generation of medical devices to improve tomorrow's healthcare. From initial concept creation to tooling and prototyping, everything is done by us. We will form a creative team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to each individual project. At VBM we make use of our global network of professional subcontractors to find the right supply chain partners that best fit to our customers' needs.

Once testing and validation is complete, we offer to cover all steps from assembly to labelling and packaging to provide a finished medical device ready for sale.

Technical Documentation Service

Today more than ever, the most important component of every successful medical product is its technical documentation. In order to ease this paperwork, the creation and maintenance is completely handled by our own experts and specialists. Our project staff have deep and long-standing expertise in the creation of well-structured technical files, from the product idea to the final design transfer. We always strive for perfection to ensure smooth registration worldwide.

Our decades of experience in the global medical industry enable us to decide what matters. The numerous international certificates and multiple passed audits are proof of our effective and well-maintained quality management system.

Regulatory Service

Our customers can choose between a product which is private labelled, co-branded, contract manufactured or just a simple non-medical device component.

Regardless of which business relationship our customers choose, they can always rely on our comprehensive regulatory support. Through our continuous work on several continents and in more than 100 countries, we have the necessary knowledge to successfully complete product registrations. The subsequent post-market surveillance is also managed by our regulatory team in order to monitor the entire life cycle of the medical device manufactured by VBM.

One product example of what we can do for you:

Original VBM

Your design

Your contact to VBM OEM Service:
Tel.: +49 7454 9596-384 / e-mail: oemservice@vbm-medical.de


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