Tourniquet 2500

For safe regulation of blood flow occlusion during extremity surgery

Compressed air tourniquet

Manual back-up system

Premium Quality – "Made in Germany"

The Tourniquet 2500 is a compressed air operated surgical tourniquet. It regulates the pressure of a tourniquet single cuff which temporarily occludes the blood flow of a patient's upper or lower extremity in order to obtain a bloodless field.


Tourniquet 2500 on mobile stand with basket

For use with single cuff.

Pressure Regulator

  • Pneumatic precision pressure regulator
  • Fast cuffinflation and deflation
  • Pressure range 0 - 600 mmHg

Analogue Manometer

  • No flickering during pressure settings
  • Always shows the real pressure in the cuff
  • Precision manometer

Manual Back-Up System

  • Automatic change to manual system during failure of
    compressed air, no battery needed
  • Maintenance free
  • Independent from any power source

Coil Connecting Tubing

  • Firmly connected to the device
  • Stretched length 3.0 m


  • Countdown function with audible signal
  • Timer function

Flush Button

  • To check for bleeding
  • Allows deflation in manual mode

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Catalogue Airway Management

Tourniquet 2500
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Tourniquet Systems
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