Airway Management Simulators
and Crico-Trainer

Simulation is the ideal method for replicating clinical situation and contributes to improve patient care by enhancing proficiency of practitioners. VBM has developed a wide range of skill-trainers and mannequins with the highest possible fidelity to train all airway procedures.


Bill III

Airway Management Simulator

  • Tracheal intubation
  • Supraglottic airway insertion
  • Mask ventilation
  • Fiberoptic bronchoscopy (if bronchial tree
    is connected)
  • Fiberoptic intubation
  • Video laryngoscopy
  • Inflatable tongue for Difficult Airway

Bronchial tree acc. to Dr. Nakhosteen

For connection to simulator "Bill III”

Transparent Head

Cross section with upper airways for demonstration and positioning of Laryngeal Tube LTS-D #3, 4 and iLTS-D #4/5

Crico-Trainer "Adelaide”

For practising the cricothyrotomy. The special concept of skin with 2 layers is simulating the skin and the cricothyroid membrane. It is designed to replicate difficult scenario thanks to the moveable chin. Complete with 5 skins.

Crico-Trainer "Frova”

Complete with 10 skins and 10 tracheas

Crico-Trainer "Pediatric”

Complete with 10 skins

Crico-Trainer "Pig”

For fixation of a real animal trachea

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Airway Management
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