Tourniquet Wipe Cuff

Tourniquet cuff, reusable through manual wipe disinfection

Contour and straight shape

UDI-Code and serial number

Low profile design

Tourniquet Wipe Cuff is a reusable tourniquet cuff made of durable material, suitable for repeated use after wipe disinfection. Wipe Cuff is available in straight shape (for small or midsize upper extremity) and contour shape (mainly for lower conical shaped extremity) and is provided in different sizes, which are colour coded for optimal cuff selection.



  • Large hook and loop fastener for reliable cuff fixation
  • Colour coding makes size selection and ordering easier
  • Tubing made of kink-resistant silicone material
  • Low profile design and lightweight
  • Contour and straight shape
  • PVC-free

Special Features

  • Specific inner material dries quickly after wipe disinfection and allows timely reuse of the product
  • UDI-Code for product traceability
  • Serial number for tracking of product usage
  • Processable up to 100 times (wipe disinfection)

Straight Shape

  • Cylindrical design
  • Does not show any difference in diameter between proximal and distal part

Contour Shape

  • Conical design with a smaller diameter distally than proxi­mally when applied
  • Occludes the blood flow at lower cuff pressures due to an improved fit to the extremity
  • Integrated stiffener to prevent cuff migration


  • Single cuff, reusable, available in 9 lengths
  • Double cuff forintravenous regional anaesthesia (IVRA), reusable, available in 3 lengths

Double Cuff for Intravenous Regional Anaesthesia (IVRA)

  • Double cuff with 2 individually inflatable bladders

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Tourniquet Wipe Cuff
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