Clear Infusor

Pressure Infusion Cuff, reusable

Transparent material


Latex free

500 ml and 1000 ml version

  • Rapid administration of an infusion solution for compensation of fluid/volume deficiency
  • Pressure monitoring and irrigation of the tubing system during invasive, arterial blood pressure monitoring
  • Transfusion
3000 ml version

  • Administration of large fluid volumes for irrigation of the operation field
Wrap-around design allows fixation of most fluid bag configurations and even pressure distribution. The smooth surface of the PU material enables easy cleaning & disinfection. The transparent material offers a clear 360° view on the fluid bag and fluid level. With UDI-Code for product traceability.


Hand inflator with three-way stopcock

  • Ergonomic hand inflator for inflation
  • Three-way stopcock for quick deflation during change of the fluid bag


  • Pressure range from 0-300 mmHg in increments of 10 mmHg
  • Robust and durable for accurate pressure monitoring

Colour coded pressure indicator

  • 360° pressure indicator facilitates pressure monitoring
  • Pressure relief valve to prevent over inflationg

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Clear Infusor
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Accessories for Anaesthesia & Intensive Care
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