VBM News / 2021-12-06

40 years of Cuff Pressure Gauges

VBM Cuff Pressure Gauges, a timeproof Design

Since the invention and development of the first Cuff Pressure Manometer in 1981, VBM is committed to three main principles:

Reliability, Precision and Ease of Use

Within the 40 years of existence, all VBM Cuff Pressure Manometers remained loyal to the 3 original criteria, endorsing modern technologies for manufacturing and quality control, while maintaining engineering and production in Germany for the highest patient safety.

The unvaluable experience gathered through the 40 years of production makes each VBM Cuff Pressure Manometer a masterpiece

For more information on our Cuff Pressure Gauges, please contact our sales team or visit the product page.

Handmade in Germany. Each Cuff Pressure Gauge is handmade and extensively tested after completion.

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