Compressed Air Tourniquets

Compressed air – analog pressure display – manual back-up system


Tourniquet 2500

  • Bloodless field

Tourniquet 4500

  • Bloodless field
  • Intravenous regional anaesthesia (IVRA)

Tourniquet 2x500

  • Bloodless field
  • Intravenous regional anaesthesia (IVRA)
  • Bilateral surgery

——Device Variants

Table unit with carrying handle

Table unit with carrying handle, stand and basket

Device with universal clamp and protection cover

Device with stand, basket and protection cover


Pressure Regulation

  • Pneumatic precision pressure regulator
  • Fast cuff inflation and deflation
  • Regulator knob allows very precise regulation
  • Limits pressure to max. 600 mmHg

Analog Manometer

  • No flickering during pressure settings
  • Always shows the real pressure in the cuff
  • Precision manometer

Manual Back-Up System

  • Automatic change to manual system during failure of compressed air, no battery needed
  • Maintenance free
  • Can be used at any time even without compressed air

Flush Button

  • To check for bleeding
  • For intermitted release of local anesthetic after Intravenous regional anaesthesia (IVRA)
  • Allows deflation in manual mode

Colour-Coded Coil Connecting Tubings

  • Firmly connected to the device
  • With positive locking connectors (PLC)

Manual Timer

  • Countdown function with audible signal
  • Timer function

——Additional Information


Tourniquet Systems
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